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At Fundación Sevilla Acoge we are pioneers in working for and with the immigrant collective in Spain. Our main objective is to accomplish a society in which multiculturalism and diversity play the main role when it comes to cohabitation. Our mission is to help the immigrant population find as many as possible pathways to integration without giving up, under no circumstances, their cultural identity, values or religion.

This social transformation model is deeply rooted in solidarity and coexistence with  diverse cultures in our society. We educate the active citizens from Spain in respecting the diverse cultural identities that take part in it, and we show the immigrant population to recognize their own personal worth and their identity. Through these objectives, we also seek to motivate initiative and progress.

Throughout the years, our work has been awarded by many institutions and organizations with awards such as the II Award ‘Sevilla por la Paz’ by the Área de Cultura del Ayuntamiento de Sevilla, or the VIII Award in Andalucía sobre Migraciones (2010).


Even though Sevilla Acoge has progressed through many different stages of development since its creation in 1985, not only have we always kept a clear vision of our main objectives, but we have also sought the enrichment for our society by stressing and demonstrating the contributions and the presence of the immigrant population in Spain.

During our early development we adopted a strategy with observation as basis. Afterwards, we applied a methodology of work based on the participative investigation and action of volunteers and professionals specialized in the subject. Thanks to this approach we were able to elucidate how social exclusion manifested itself and, therefore, what kind of preparation we needed when dealing with it.

Our expansion throughout Andalucía and the rest of the country took place in the 90s, where we carried out an exchange of knowledge and experiences with other organizations and similar groups. Then our work dynamics evolved into a more organization-oriented one: in order to learn even more about immigration, we travelled to France, Germany and Belgium. In the latter, both the Centre Bruxelloise d’Action Interculturelle (CBAI) and the Centro Español de Formación y Acción Universidad Obrera (CEFA-UO).

Additionally, we created Cepaim on the 5th of May 1994, an organizations committee with a comprehensive frame of action focused on migration, and we also became part of Federación Andalucía Acoge. Carrying all the experience gained over the years, Sevilla Acoge becomes Fundación Sevilla Acoge with legal recognition in March 2007, making of volunteering a key element in its task. Lastly, upon the celebration of our 30th anniversary in 2015, we carried out an exhibition where we showed both our evolution and experience in and out of Sevilla.


At Sevilla Acoge we understand how important it is to raise awareness about the tertiary sector work among the media, in order to have their support. Throughout our monthly newsletter you can access to a summary of all the activities that we carry out. In addition, you can download the Fundación Sevilla Acoge general press kit dossier and the dossier related to the youth activities at Centro de Acción Comunitaria. You can also access to our download section where you can find resources and our media appearances and clippings.


If you wish to donate, you may donate personally through your bank to this bank account number:

Bank: CAIXA BANK – Account number: ES52 2100 1825 4202 0005 2059

Bank:TRIODOS BANK – Account number: ES54 1491 0001 2420 8740 8528

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How to collaborate : if you are an education centre or a company and you wish to collaborate with us, you can contact us via e-mail:  direccion@sevillaacoge.org

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