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Our Programmes


WELCOME Programme is a cornerstone for FundaciónSevillaAcoge. It tries to make immigrant people feel at home like a part of our society by favouring their social and vocational integration. It also helps them to be and feel as a members with full rights/ full members of our society. This programme consists of the following actions: To provide an initial reception and social help, To plan an integral job with families, To make personal development group workshops/ group workshops for personal development, To manage resources along with other organisations to invest on other social services: training or employment, To support in case of extreme need economically, To provide basic necessity to families.


The role of a Intercultural Mediator is fundamental to prevent and solve cultural conflicts, he/she also encourages the creation of new relationship and intervention strategies. La Fundación Sevilla Acoge was pioneer in the implementation of Intercultural Mediator’s role as a professional in Spain. La Fundación Sevilla Acoge have Intercultural Mediators for different scope such as family context, education, healthcare, occupation and community activities. Training in Intercultural Mediator is also developed through our training and research programme.


WOMAN Programme is a project developed by Fundacion Sevilla Acoge to integrate immigrant women who live in Sevilla. It is aimed to provide equal information, assistance and advising, career guidance, encouragement to participate in everyday lifefrom their surroundings and to participate in making decision about effective integration. Besides, specific programmes are made within this area such as personal growth, accompaniment and language training.

Our goal is to develop all women’s abilities. Thus, some of our goals are: To develop action programmes for immigrant women, To acknowledge specific demands for immigrant women related to gender-based discrimination and inequality; To provide women with tools to detect their needs and rights; To prevent and report against inequality situation like violence against women and discrimination based on race as well as human trafficking for sexual exploitation.


Fundación Sevilla Acoge opts in investing on young people training thank to its education in values, coexistence with different cultures, sports training and social activities which make friendship. It also helps to build up their personal development by setting the roots for an inclusive society and active and free-clichés citizens.

We develop activities under this programme such as: educational assistance in the evenings; Sports activities in sports centres and parks; Cultural trips to museums, parks and cinemas; Summer camps; City camps; Handicrafts workshop and games; Training meetings addressed to interesting topics for young people; Intercultural Mediator in education.


The right to housing is a universal right set in the Universal Declaration of Human Right, since housing is basic means to survival, a place provided as a shelter for people and their family.

Housing and Temporary Stay Programme intend to: Facilitate the access to housing and its maintenance; Provide accommodation in temporary reception centre in case of extreme need like women in different trouble or minor under abandonment.


Training and search are two basic elements in Sevilla Acoge since always. External trainings are offered to enable social agents with interculturality who work with immigrant people: social workers, educators, teachers, civil servants, unionists, as well as volunteers and contract workers in Fundación. Additionally, we have created new occupations by using unknown methods in our country. It aims to prepare immigrants to participate in their own collective as encourager agent: “Intercultural Mediator” and “HARD Educators” (preventative educators in multicultural environment).

These are some of our search and publication work: Intercultural Mediator trainings. The approach to others, Immigrants ¿Neighbours and citizens? The Intercultural mediator in job placement services for immigrants. “From visible to invisible”Analysis of job placement processes and educational practices with young people from immigrant origin. Immigration and Communication. We also give Spanish lessons for immigrants to collaborate with them in their social and labour integration.


Fundación Sevilla Acoge supports integral development processes in origin countries through its Codevelopment Department. Our aims are: To study their national and local strategies for development; To adapt strategies into Spanish international Cooperation politics; To adjust integral interventions to their reality and knowledge of social, economic, cultural, religious, etc. context.


Work is conceived as one of the fundamental cornerstones for inclusivity to anyone. A person will feel integrated if he/she feels useful for society. Work has got a more important role: To develop in every individual their sense of belongingness.


Community actions in neighbourhoods is a programme with specific and interrelated projects as well as a complement in an integral approach which Fundación Acoge makes before challenges brought about collective integration for immigrants who live in Sevilla. The mission of this Action is to encourage the awareness of the role which every worker play. It is about an Action that every individual must do after intervening with neighbour groups of different neighbourhoods when there is a growth of diversity and complexity in those areas.


The interdisciplinary, social, sexual and culturally varied workgroup has to know realities which are related to their neighbourhoods and people both their concerns and their potentialities. It is a close workgroup equipped with receptiveness, empathy and social diversity management. Some of the Community and Local Actions’ goals are: To inspire processes encouraging local development and improving life conditions; To empower and train neighbours in order to understand their own constantly changing reality because it is important to face challenges dealt with complex diversity; To prevent and solve conflicts in favour of intercultural civic cohabitation.

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